New Podcast Series - Redeeming Love: Marriage and Family Through The Bible

(Focusing on The Redeemer and His work, not our trying.)

Walk through the Bible with The Holy Spirit, Pastor Jim Richter, and Drew Jarrod as we discuss The Father's Divine Dance as He sings and dances over us - healing us and our dysfunctional relationships. Let’s discover together how The Father, God, instructs us to fix what is broken inside us - (thereby fixing our relationship with Him) - and learning to allow others to stay broken while God fixes them.  We have to focus on The Redeemer and His work, not our trying.

We will be adding a Trailer for the new podcast first, then continue with the "classes" after that.

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Home 101 | Study Guide
Husbands 102 | Study Guide
Wives 103 | Study Guide
Marriages 104 | Study Guide
Fathers 105 | Study Guide
Mothers 106 | Study Guide
Children 107 | Study Guide

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