"Innocent Eyes" ~ The Story Behind The Song

Innocent Eyes [Single]

Drew Jarrod

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Words & Music by Drew Jarrod. ℗© 12/09/1997 Drew Jarrod (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Produced by Drew Jarrod/Erin Jarrod Photos and Artwork by Erin Jarrod/Drew Jarrod

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"I hope Drew & Erin sing more songs together. They sounded great on 'Innocent Eyes!'" ~Allison, Austin, MN (Check out another duet: “If Only Your Heart Could Hear”)

"'Innocent Eyes' is a very moving song.  Beautiful lyrics and harmony." ~Kathy, Brownsdale, MN

"I like 'Innocent Eyes' and have listened to it eight or nine times already.  It's very nice-especially the lyrics. ~Bryce, Rochester, MN

"When I listen to 'Innocent Eyes', my eyes start welling up with tears… It’s really beautiful Drew… REALLY.  I’m not sure how many people will understand what I understood when I listened, but I hurt for you and rejoiced for Rachel all at once." ~Jim, Belleville, MI

"This looks awesome--what a thoughtful idea!  This is really special.  Definitely the most creative gift I have gotten.  May God bless you and your family."
~Rachel, (Innocent Eyes)

(Rachel's) Innocent Eyes (1997-2009)

"'Innocent Eyes' was written in thankfulness of two friends (a dad and his daughter) who made me feel welcome when I was new in town.  Their kindness touched my heart and gave me hope.

[I also thought it would be a neat idea to keep this song a secret until (and if) the young girl married someday, and then just present it to her as a wedding gift.

When I heard of her engagement, I pulled the song out of storage, recorded it, and sent it to her - 12 years to the day.]

'Innocent Eyes' was written for my friends - Jim and Rachel - and I hope it honors them both.  Enjoy the song!  I hope it gives you hope as my friends did for me.”

~Drew Jarrod

This is really special. Definitely the most creative gift I have gotten.”

Rachel Clark

Innocent Eyes (2:41)
Words & Music by The Holy Spirit/Drew Jarrod
℗© 12/09/1997 Drew Jarrod (BMI). All Rights Reserved.

When I’m confused I sometimes think of
Rachel’s innocent eyes.
So believing, so trusting,
so patient, and so kind.

They show me that maybe
I can put my bitterness aside,
and realize the dream I find
in Rachel’s eyes.

Day by day, I start to fade
from this sadness in my mind;
Never finding my own destiny
as God Designed.

Losing sight of the Light,
I became blind.
I pray, one day I’ll find my way to see
through Rachel’s eyes.

The time has come to say, “I do,”
with vows of love and hope and truth,
and goodbye to childhood.
Now she’s waiting for her Father to take the lead...

Dancing while the music plays,
saying, “Hello,” to even better days ahead.
Only pleasant thoughts fill her mind...
'cause she’s been taught in kind
with innocent eyes.

Innocent eyes...
Innocent eyes...

When I’m confused, I sometimes think of
Rachel’s innocent eyes...

Lyrics & Music - Drew Jarrod
Arrangement - Drew Jarrod/Erin Jarrod
Vocals/BGVs - Drew Jarrod/Erin Jarrod
Bass Synth - Drew Jarrod
Acoustic Guitars - Drew Jarrod
Shaker - Drew Jarrod
Producer - Drew Jarrod/Erin Jarrod
Sound Engineer - Drew Jarrod
Engineer/Mixing/Mastering - Drew Jarrod/Erin Jarrod
Artwork - Erin Jarrod/Drew Jarrod
Recording - Warm Milk Music Studios